• Chimborazo: a volcano full of life

    Imagine a place where nature displays its greatness through impressive volcanoes, lofty peaks crowned with snow or really beautiful Andean plateaus. A place that is the furthest point from the centre of the earth. That place exists and it is in Ecuador, we are talking about Chimborazo or "God of Ice", a six thousand metre peak that stretches up into the sky, like no other mountain in Ecuador.

    This giant is found in the Central Andes, in the city of Riombamba in Ecuador, to the southwest of Quito. It is covered in glaciers whose ice is collected by the so-called Chimborazo ice men who transport it and sell it in markets in nearby towns where it is used to make drinks. Also, it has an extremely rich protected ecosystem with native species such as alpacas, llamas and vicugnas.

    Travelling around the peak is a real privilege that is easy and comfortable to access, as there are several routes that allow you to enjoy impressive views and discover its hidden mysteries.

    The Riobamba-Urbina-Riobamba Route, about 35 kilometres long in total, will make it possible to visit a museum that pays tribute to the ice men and their stands of local craft products or stop and rest in their lodgings and shelters.


    The Path of the Ancestors is 25 kilometres long, and you will discover the founding point of Santiago de Quito, La Balbanera Church and the beautiful Colta Lagoon.

    La Balbanera Church

    The Whymper Route, which is somewhat more demanding, will lead you across an area of rocks and crests known as El Castillo, until you reach Veintimilla Peak. From there, you will not take long to reach the main summit.

    Climb the peak of the stunning Chimborazo Mountain, a journey through the most wild and exceptional nature that you will ever discover. 

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