• Discover Cali, the capital of rumba

    Although its complete name is Santiago de Cali, it is known worldwide as Cali. The capital of Valle del Cauca, it is an important industrial and financial centre in Colombia. With a warm temperature and average temperatures of 23 degrees, Cali has a special charm that dazzles every visitor.

    Cristo Rey monument. Cali, Colombia

    If you have planned a getaway, you cannot miss out on Cristo Rey Mountain, situated at an altitude of 1,440 metres, it is home to an imposing statue of Christ the King, measuring 26 metres. Among the essential visits are the Calima Gold Museum, which house pieces of gold, wood and stone from the first settlements in the area, and the Archaeological Museum La Merced, which houses amazing pieces of pre-Colombian ceramics. Strolling through the neighbourhood of San Antonio you will enjoy the characteristic colonial-style architecture. In Plaza San Antonio, where Cali locals usually head out for a drink, you can enjoy some typical dishes.

    San Antonio neigborhood. Cali, Colombia

    There is no doubt that Cali’s gastronomy is another key selling point. We recommend the sancocho de gallina, a type of soup made using chicken, yucca, green plantain, corn and arracacha (a root vegetable). You should also try arroz atollado, which is sticky rice cooked with chicken, pork, potatoes and vegetables.

    The joyful character of its citizens, dancing and street parties, has led to Cali being known as the city of Rumba. It is famous for its lively night life and as the home to some of the world’s best salsa schools. In September it holds the World Salsa Festival and at the end of December the Cali Fair, also known as the Sugar Cane Fair, takes places. This makes Cali the ideal place for learning to dance.

    You can fly directly to Cali from Bogotá. Come and dance to the rhythm of salsa!