• A trip through Colombia with a coffee aroma

    Coffee is one of the most consumed products by millions of people around the world, and there is no doubt that Colombia is one of the places with a long tradition of producing coffee seeds.

    It is the world’s fourth largest coffee producer, and here you will find the famous area known as the Coffee Triangle or Coffee Trail. Located in the country’s inland region, it is the area where production is concentrated, and home to four denomination of origin coffees.

    Cable car Eje Cafetero 

    Denomination of Origin Cauca Coffee, grown in the mountainous region of the Colombian massif, its principle characteristic is a light caramel touch in its aroma.

    Denomination of Origin Santander Coffee, grown in the shade to maintain a stable temperature, while also making it possible to collect the fruit at its maximum level of ripeness, which results in sweet and fruity notes.

    Quindio coffee region 

    Denomination of Origin Huila Coffee, grown in an area in the Andes with large valleys, where it is possible to produce coffee throughout the year. It has an intense aroma with some sweet notes.

    Denomination of Origin Antioquia Coffee, synonymous with special coffees that have a unique taste. It has its own brand named Antioquia Coffee, providing this variety with product recognition on a national and international level. The aroma is characterised for having some sweeter, herbal and lightly acidic notes, with a medium body.

     Ground coffee grain Antioch

    For coffee lovers, it is difficult to pick out just one type of Colombian coffee, given that the quality of the products in the Coffee Triangle is extremely high. Therefore, it is worth coming to visit and discover for yourself.

    Discover the true aroma of Colombia!

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