• The exciting story of Argentine tango

    It may have been in Buenos Aires or in any of the other river ports in Río de la Plata, but towards the close of the 19th century a style of dancing emerged that would go on to conquer the world: Argentinian tango. It emerged from the slums, along with street musicians playing barrel organs and ended up in the most elegant dance halls.

    Whether it is the beauty of the dance, the sadness of the songs, or the emotion awakened by the music, it is difficult to decide on a single defining feature. Argentine tango has a lot of charm and a long history too. It speaks to us of bitter indifference as performers embrace and challenge one another in a mysterious dance that ensues to the sound of a large accordion and other background instruments. 

    Bandeonista- LAN Airlines

    However, there is no doubt that Argentinian tango revolves around its musicians, singers and dancers. Among them, Carlos Gardel is the figure who really stands out. Like tango itself, doubt remains over his Uruguayan and Argentinian origins, but his voice belongs to world heritage. Gardel sang tangos like no one else and achieved mythical status. 

    The rhythmic and daring movement of the dance was what most captivated people about tango at the outset and brought it to cinema screens. Since then, Argentinian tango has featured in innumerable films. 

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    Nowadays, it is possible to enjoy Argentine tango anywhere in the world, but nothing can compare to hearing, seeing it and dancing to it in its birthplace of Argentina, and there is nowhere better than Buenos Aires to experience tango. There you will find large dance halls filled with tango enthusiasts, you can take classes and even travel to iconic places where the history of tango is reflected in endless memories and photographs. 

    Fly to Buenos Aires and immerse yourself in authentic Argentinian tango!

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