• The Amazon River

    The Amazon River is the longest and fastest flowing river in the world. The river’s source is in Peru and it crosses a total of 3 countries (Peru, Colombia and Brazil) through the continent of South America before it flows into the Atlantic Ocean in the north of Brazil.

    The Amazon Rainforest, deemed the most important tropical forest on earth, is spread around the Amazon River. Not surprisingly, it is known as the “lung of the planet” due to its thick vegetation and the extensive area it covers.

    Amazonian macaws- LAN Airlines

    With over 40,000 varieties of different plants, the vegetation in the Amazon Rainforest is the most luxuriant known to man. Indeed, the symbol of the region is the Victoria Lily, a water lily also known as the queen of the lakes for its beauty when it opens out. Furthermore, many of the plants have related medicinal properties. 

    There are also more than two million different animal species, many of which are unique to this region: sloths, spider monkeys, electric eels and poison dart frogs are just a few of them. In the Amazon River basin you can also enjoy sightings of pink Amazon River dolphins, considered to be a strange mythical creature, and even fish for piranhas.  

    Amazon river dolphin- LAN Airlines

    Even today, there are tribes in the Amazon that are completely isolated from the outside world, maintaining the authentic spirit of the first settlers in the basin area. They makes this area unlike any other on the planet. 

    Indigenous people in Brazil- LAN Airlines

    If you want to discover this mythical place, the best option is to take a trip on the Amazon River. To get there, you can fly to different places depending on the area you want to visit, such as Iquitos, Puerto Maldonado and Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas. From there, you can journey into the rainforest and discover the world’s great natural treasure.