LAN Colombia strengthens position in United States and Canada

LAN Colombia, a member of the LATAM Airlines Group, and American Airlines announced that they have signed a codeshare agreement.  The agreement will provide more options for travelers between Colombia and the United States and Canada.  Additionally, it will allow the airlines to carry more tourists from these two countries to Colombia, thereby strengthening connectivity to the region.

Once the agreement is approved by the respective regulatory bodies, travelers will be able to make direct connections from Bogota to Miami via LAN Colombia.  From Miami, they will be able to take advantage of the large network of American Airlines destinations within the U.S. and Canada. Passengers will also be able to take advantage of direct flights offered by American Airlines from Miami to Cali and Medellín.

"The United States is a very important market for Colombia. More than 105,000 Colombian passengers currently travel to the US each year -- for tourism or business.  As a result, this agreement strengthens the airline’s position in North America and offers more options by which Colombian passengers can take advantage of the network of more than 40 destinations that will be offered through the codeshare with American Airlines in North America," said Hernán Pasman, Executive Director of LAN Colombia.

In the same spirit, Nicolas Cortázar, President of LAN Colombia's Board of Directors, stated: "This agreement will allow us, not only to promote the North American market, but to also facilitate the arrival of more international tourists to the country and the surrounding region."

The Colombian airline company provides service to 20 destinations, with 930 weekly flights to cities in Colombia, Brazil and the United States. Upon approval of the agreement, LAN Colombia passengers will be able to fly from Miami to 40 US destinations and four in Canada using the LAN code.  They will also have access to American Airlines direct flights between Miami and the Colombian cities of Cali and Medellín.