LAN announces flights to Chiloe Island in Southern Chile

On November 7, 2012, LAN Airlines will initiate service to Chiloé Island. The flight will depart from Santiago with a quick stop over in Puerto Montt and finally arrives in Chiloé.
LAN made the announcement today on the Island of Chiloé, where the Minister of the Department of Public Works, Laurence Golborne, made an official inspection of Mocopulli Airport. The airport is located approximately 20 km from the community of Dalcahue. 

LAN will launch the route with four weekly flights from Santiago via Puerto Montt. Approximate flight time from Puerto Montt to Mocopulli Airport is 35 minutes. Airfares will start at USD84 (CP$42,000) plus tax for flights from Santiago to Chiloé and USD16 (CP$8,000) (plus tax) for the Puerto Montt–Chiloé flight.

LAN CEO for Chile, Enrique Elsaca praised the announcement and pointed out that this is great news for the airline. "In launching this new route, our objective is to continue contributing to the development of Chile and its regions; to connect the country and the world. We believe that our operation in Chile will help drive the economic and touristic development of an area that is of great importance to Chile, and this makes us very happy.”

The arrival of LAN to Chiloé is will also enable people from the island to stay connected more easily. “The whole community is waiting for our flights with great anticipation. We want to respond by delivering the world class service that we are known for," he concluded. 

Flights will be operated with a modern fleet of Airbus A320 aircrafts, which have reduced noise levels and lower CO2 emissions thanks to their fuel efficiency. LAN clients may now purchase their tickets at any of LAN's domestic and international points of sale or at LAN.com.