LAN and TAM Celebrate the Election of Torres del Paine Park in Chile as the Eighth Wonder of the World

Santiago, November 6, 2013. The Torres del Paine National Park was chosen on Friday as the eighth wonder of the world, with more than five million votes through the website VirtualTourist.com. The competition involved more than 50 countries with 330 different destinations, including locations in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Slovenia, Mexico, Scotland, Belize and Croatia.

Located in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Region, Torres del Paine National Park was declared a "Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO in 1978. This new recognition highlights its unique geographical beauty and makes it one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the world. Thanks to this award, Chile is home to the new eighth wonder of the world, allowing it to undoubtedly keep climbing in the rankings of preferred vacation destinations by the Spanish, who look for marked contrasts like those that exist between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

LAN Airlines, part of LATAM Airlines Group, South America’s largest airline group, supports Chilean tourism by connecting the main tourist destinations with the rest of the world. To get to Torres del Paine, LAN offers four to nine daily flights from Santiago to Punta Arenas depending on the season. The LAN South American Airpass is another great option for travelers that want to visit more than one of the 16 diverse destinations that Chile has to offer at savings of up to 60% off regular prices including the Atacama Desert, Chilean Patagonia, Easter Island and the stunning glaciers of Torres del Paine.

LAN's Commitment and Torres del Paine National Park

Through a joint effort with Chile’s Government, LAN has promoted this tourist destination in recent years through programs like "Discover Chile", which brought more than 60 tour operators from around the world to get to know the country, including Torres del Paine National Park in October of this year.

The park is known worldwide not only as one of the gateways to the famous Southern Patagonian Ice Fields (area that houses the third largest source of fresh water on the planet), but also for the iconic granite spires shaped by glaciers. It is also rich in flora and fauna, harboring 25 species among which include the South Andean deer and the condor (national emblem of Chile), as well as the puma.