Web Check-in

Complete your Check-in on LAN.com

Save time, select your seat, and get your boarding pass. Once at the airport, if you are traveling with carry-on baggage only, go directly to your boarding gate.

Are you traveling with suitcases? Drop them off at the LAN counters indicated by the phrase "Entrega de equipaje / Bag Drop" at the airport.

  • Check-in

    Online Check-in is a service that allows all of our passengers with a LAN flight to select their preferred seat (window or aisle) and print their boarding pass from the comfort of their home or office.
    If you are traveling on any of the routes eligible for pre-Check-in, where we need to review your trip documentation, you may select your seat online, but you will need to complete your Check-in at the LAN counters at the airport.

    How do you complete your Check-in online?

    You can search for your flight in one of two ways when using online Check-in:

    1. With the reservation code (Example:YCFHF) and the passenger´s last name (Example:Moreno).
    2. By entering information from your identification document and your last name.

    Start your Check- in

    Recommendations for completing your online Check-in successfully:

    • Your ticket must be an electronic ticket.
    • You must complete your online Check-in between 48 and 2 hours prior to the departure of your flight.
    • Review which routes are eligible for pre-Check-in.
    • If you need any special services, such as a wheelchair, you must complete your Check-in at the LAN counters at the airport.

    Remember that you may also complete your Check-in using the self-service kiosks or by going to the LAN counters at the airport.

    Do you want to complete a group Check-in?

    If you want to check in a group, go to Group Check-in, and have at hand the reservation code, identification number of the group leader, and a contact e-mail address. Keep in mind that this service is available only for electronic tickets with a confirmed reservation and a reserved seat.

    Are you a LANPASS Commodore or Commodore Black member?

    We have preferential seats for you on domestic and international flights operated and commercialized by LAN. When you check-in on LAN.com, you will be recognized as a Commodore or Commodore Black member, and you will be able to select the seats in the first rows of the aircraft in the Economy cabin and in the emergency exit rows, marked as preferential seats (subject to availability).