LAN Colombia upgrades fleet for international flights

Bogota, April 4, 2013- LAN Colombia is adding three new Boeing 767s to its fleet in April, thus increasing availability of international flights operating from Colombia.  The investment reaching $360 million will allow LAN Colombia to offer better international flight schedules and more seat availability while providing world-class on-board service
With this new addition to the fleet, LAN Colombia increases seat availability for the Bogota-Miami and Bogota-Sao Paulo routes by 47%, from 162 seats to 238 seats offered by the Boeing 767. Additionally, passengers will experience enhanced comfort in the new cabin.

Passengers flying from Bogota to Miami and Sao Paulo will now enjoy schedules better suited to their domestic and international connection needs that will allow them to fly at convenient morning hours.
On the other hand, Bogota-Lima flights were rescheduled to provide passengers from Colombia better flight options that improve connections from Peru with the rest of the world, increasing flight availability throughout the day. The Bogota-Santiago route offers passengers to fly overnight, allowing them to make the most of their day when arriving in their final destination.

“The added Boeing 767s is a breakthrough in LAN Colombia's international service quality, and a big step forward in the availability of connections between Colombia and some of the major cities in America.  In addition to that, one of our strategic objectives for 2013 is to strengthen our international business, with better availability and better connections to leverage and boost domestic routes, thus increasing our Colombian market share," said Hernán Pasman, CEO, LAN Colombia.

World-class experience 

The new Boeing 767s are two-isle aircraft with 238 passenger capacity that offer a world-class travel experience.
The seat layout in Premium Business ensures passenger privacy and provides 100% reclining capability. The cabin is equipped with individual 15.4 inch touch screen monitors. Menus are prepared by renowned chefs, which include meals made with natural ingredients from different regions in South America. Hector Vergara, the only Master Sommelier in Latin America, created the wine selection.
Passengers in the economy class will enjoy snacks, ergonomic seats, adjustable headrests, and individual 8.9 inch touch screen monitors.  Premium Business and Economy class passengers will enjoy hot meals and varied on-board entertainment that includes, the latest movies, current TV series, games, music, and more.