Discover wine in South AmericaDiscover wine in South America

In addition to its outstandingly beautiful landscapes and gastronomy, South America offers an array of delicious, high-class Wines. The South American wine industry is conquering the most demanding markets worldwide and has slowly become a major protagonist.

You are kindly invited to take the route that will take to enjoy each country´s wine from Argentina, to Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.



Is amongst the eight most important capitals of winemaking worldwide and a pioneer in enotourism in Argentina.

This zone is well-known for Malbec an Argentinean emblem. Visiting vineyards and cellars is a main attraction in this area, added to the magnificent landscape.

Mendoza has 690 wineries offering various styles, here are some recommended locations:

  • La Rural: has the San Felipe Wine Museum you cannot miss, guided tours show wine production from the onset to present days.

  • Casa Margot: is a family business specializing in sparkling wine and high quality Malbec Wines. It also has a 5 star hotel including beauty center, Mediterranean food and personalized, professional, bilingual service.



If you´re seeking to taste Wines in Chile, you must visit the Colchagua Valley located two hours south of Santiago, designated by experts as "Wine´s paradise". Given its fertile soil, this region produces extraordinary red varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere. Here you can visit the most consolidated wine rout in the country covering over 18 vineyards offering various attractions.

Some recommended vineyards are: Casa Silva, Santa Helena, Santa Laura, Mont Gras and Bisquertt. If you don´t want to miss a thing while in the area, make sure you take the wine train to Colchagua known as "Tren del Vino de Colchagua", the ride offers an array of wine tasting and cocktails.

You may also take the tour bus which stops for tastings of 4 different types of wine at the Laura Hartwig Reserve 2008 - Merlot Petit Verdot 2007 - Carmenere 2008 and Cabernet Sauvignon 2007.


Vale de los Vinhedos

Brazilian wine is beginning to have some relevance, therefore, don´t miss visiting the heart of wine located in the area between Bento Goncalves, Garibaldi and Monte Belo do Sul. The area is called "Vale de los Vinhedos" made up of 32 vineyards.

One outstanding vineyard to visit is: "Lídio Carraro", a grape producing family business that began producing wine in 1998. It is considered a high-quality boutique winery.


Uruguay produces the well-known Tannat wine and in this context they created the Tannat path "Los senderos del Tannat" and the wine route.

"Los senderos del Tannat", cover two well-known rural areas outside of Montevideo. At the "H. Stagnari" winery, you can observe the hand labeling process and taste delicious Wines. At the "Castillo Viejo" winery eat delicious cheese and taste choice Wines.

"Los Caminos del Vino", is made up of 14 vineyards some have restaurants, tastings, winery tours and some also offer train rides

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