Destination guide: Lima

Discover Lima

The city of Lima is a hotbed of tourist attractions such as religious structures, urban centers and plenty of opportunity for excursions, including:

Ruins at Pachacamac

This ecological sanctuary is Peru's leading tourist district. It is located 33 kilometers (21 miles) from the capital and close to the loveliest beaches in the south. Pachacamac was a religious center during Incan times. The legends surrounding this oracle tell of life, death, birth and vengeance - dramas that have left an archeological mark over time through the construction of countless temples that are still being studied. Despite being torched by a group of disappointed Spaniards who did not find gold and aside from continuous sacking over the years, these historical remains are still intact.

Nazca Lines

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this series of geoglyphs and straight lines that date to the 6th century were scratched into the Earth by the Nazca culture. The lines are simple but form complex geometric, animal and plant shapes that can only be clearly distinguished when viewed from the air.

Paracas National Reserve

Located 260 kilometers (162 miles) south of Lima in Ica department, this area is the only protected maritime zone in Peru. It is home to Humboldt penguins, flamingos, seals and other marine species that are especially dependent upon this national reserve.

Visitors to the reserve can also see the 120-meter "Candelabro" geoglyph that has been linked to the Nazca drawings, along with "la Catedral", a rock formation worn down by the sea and wind with a concave shape resembling the spires of a cathedral.

City of Caral

Caral is the oldest city in the Americas and one of the most intriguing tourist destinations in Peru. Located 158 kilometers (98 miles) north of Lima, the town was the seat of the first Andean civilization and most likely established the model for urban organization across the continent, as was the case in other parts of the world such as Mesopotamia, China and Egypt.

The town's pyramids date back 5,000 years and are the oldest that have been found in the Andes yet. Visitors will marvel at the high technology and organization, the enormous amount of resources and energy that were necessary for building these types of structures.

Miraflores and Larcomar

Enjoy the nightlife and the delicious cuisine en the Sunflower (Miraflores) district and the Larcomar shopping district, situated on a picturesque cliff, facing the sea.

In Miraflores, a well known sightseeing and cultural center, one can find diverse restaurants, bars and discos of myriad styles.

Recently, Av. La Mar has drawn a wide variety of important restaurants, offering a wide variety of food, from fish and seafood to international cuisines.

Sierra de Lima

Just a few kilometers from Lima, there are numerous communities, such Chosica, Marcahuasi, Canta and Obrajillo, that offer an agreeable climate, adventure sports, guest houses and camp grounds. The Sierra de Lima communities can be easily reached by train, bus, and hired car.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, the tranquility, the sun and nature.

Historical Center

The historic center of the capital offers a variety of places to meet. Its architectural beauty and cuisine make it one of the most special places in the city. Meet the Plaza de Armas, the different houses, 36 churches and 34 museums has for you.

The main museum is the Museo de Arte de Lima, in which pre-Columbian artifacts on display, colonial furniture and Republicans as well as Peruvian paintings, ancient and modern.

You can also find Magic Water Circuit, which is the complex of the world's largest sources in a public park. It has 13 ornamental fountains and is located in the Parque de la Reserva.

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