Gastronomy in South AmericaWorld´s southernmost gastronomical variety

Gastronomy in South America is a fusion of different cultures given the broad and rich mixture of flavors and products. From shellfish to meat, fish, exotic fruit and vegetables all combine into an unforgettable experience of ingredients.


Peruvian food is considered amongst the best in the world, according to some experts it holds hundreds of diverse recipes, combining chilis, herbs, shellfish and meat intertwined with Chinese gastronomical influence.

Food not to be missed is cebiche, el ají de gallina, jalea, amongst others.


A variety of delicious menus including bananas, meat, fish and beans. Characteristic food includes: estofado de guanta, hornado, fritadas and empanadas de morocho.


Meat and pastas are at the core of Argentinean cuisine. The country offers different styles or specialties at each location which you must try. The better-known offers are: milanesas, bifes, empanadas and the well-known barbecued meat called parrilladas.


Chilean gastronomy is a mixture between indigenous and Spanish cuisine. Some typical Chilean food to experience: humitas, empanadas, charquicán, porotos con mazamorra, tomaticán, curanto, arrollado, cazuela de ave, carbonada and pastel de choclo.

In addition, Chile´s abundant shellfish variety is worth a try, for example: razor clams, mussels, abalone, King crab and an ample variety of fish such as salmon, conger-eel, sole and sea bass.


As in other places in South America, Brazilian food has a distinct Portuguese colonial influence adapted to local ingredients. The well-known "feijoada", typifies Brazilian gastronomy, it is made of black beans, meats such as bacon, pig ears, sausages. Other examples are: Galinha à cabidela, moqueca and crab soup.

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