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The unique fusion of typical Quito-style cuisine is rooted in one hundred years of mestizo tradition. A clever combination of coastal flavors, seasonings and side dishes from the sea or the Andean highlands, blended with ingredients from faraway lands, has culminated in an exquisite culinary experience.

Quito's gastronomical delights include the "tortilla de papas" (potato tortilla fried in pork fat); "seco de gallina" (stewed chicken in beer-based sauce with onion, pepper, tomato, herbs and seasonings); "fritada" (fried pork with a side of potatoes, husked wheat or corn, along with onion, tomato and fried plantain); "caldo de patas de chivo" (goat hoof stew); "timbushca" (marrow soup with peanut sauce); "guagrasinga" (wheat and cow head stew); "yahuarlocro" (potato and fig soup with lamb blood and organs accompanied by avocado, onion and a small dish of the animal's blood); "hornado" (roast pork marinated in olive oil, white wine and herbs); "caldo de bagre" (catfish stew); "ceviche" (made with sea bass and shrimp); and barley flavored with cinnamon, sugar and oranges.



The official currency of Ecuador is the US dollar (US$) which replaced the country's former currency - the Sucre - in 2000. Bills are available in 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 dollar; coins are available in 1 dollar and 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1 cent.



All goods and services for purchase in Quito and in Ecuadorian territory include a 12% Value Added Tax (VAT).


Official language

The official language spoken in Quito and throughout Ecuador is Spanish, but there are variations depending on the zone of the country including Coastal, Andean and Amazonian.


Time zone

Ecuador is divided into two time zones: GMT -5 on the mainland (also known as ECT or Ecuador Time) and GMT -6 in the Galapagos province.


Electric current

Electrical outlets in Quito operate at 120 volts and 60 Hertz. If any of your electronic devices operate at a different voltage, you are encouraged to travel with a power adaptor.


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