Destination guide: New York, United States

New York is one of the most important cities in the United States and one of the classiest and most glamourous cities in the world. Hundreds of people of different nationalities live there, giving the city a cosmopolitan and multicultural feel.

If you’re thinking of travelling to New York, you musn’t miss the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero, Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Broadway and the Empire State Building, as well as many other attractions.

  • New York - Weather Overview

    While global warming has brought recent oddities like 70°F January evenings, there is still a basic framework you can usually count on. Spring in New York is lovely – blossoming trees pop into reds and pinks, sunny days glimmer and even rainy days have a lovely, cleansing feel to them. The temperatures can still dip down to a chilly 40°F on early April evenings, but average temperatures hover at around 60°F, creating days that are perfect for strolling in the city.

    Summers can be beastly, as temperatures in July and August can climb to the 100°F mark; usually it’s between 70°F and 80°F, with occasional thunderstorms that light up the sky and cool everything down until the sun comes out again.
    Autumn in New York: why does it seem so inviting? Probably because of its pleasantly cool days (averaging in the 50s) and gorgeously colored leaves, on full display in Central Park and other green spaces.

    Winters, of course, are cold. It can be gray for days, with sleet and snow showers that quickly turn into a mucky brown film at your feet and temperatures that can easily dip down into the single digits come January. But a good snowstorm is a beautiful thing in these parts, and a cold night inspires cuddling, which can make for a damn-romantic visit.

    Weather Monthly View

    Average High Temperature Average Low Temperature Average Rainfall Humidity (AM) Humidity (PM)
    January 3 -4 94 72 60
    February 3 -4 97 70 58
    March 7 -1 91 70 55
    April 14 7 81 68 53
    May 20 8 81 70 54
    June 25 10 84 74 58
    July 28 19 107 77 58
    August 27 19 109 79 60
    September 26 16 86 79 61
    October 21 9 89 76 57
    November 11 3 76 75 60
    December 5 -2 91 73 61