Destination guide: Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the most important cities in Europe. It's a city full of history and culture and a very popular destination for both Germans and foreigners.

In Berlin, you can visit the Brandenburg Gate, the Telecommunications Tower (for a bird’s eye view of the city), the Reichstag building, the old bunkers that offered the Germans protection during the Second World War, the remains of the Berlin Wall (which divided the country for 28 years) and Germanic breweries, representative of one of the country's most deep-rooted traditions.

  • Berlin - Weather Overview

    Berlin has a continental climate, which generally translates into scorching summers and freezing winters, although in recent years global warming has turned such time-tested rules on their heads. In other words: the weather is unpredictable. So whenever you visit, check the forecast and pack accordingly. 

    If you’re after pleasant weather, the best months tend to be May, June, September and October, although packing your brolly is a good idea any time of year. If the sun’s out, life moves outdoors instantly, even in January when you see Berliners sipping their latte al fresco huddled below heaters, bundled into thick blankets (provided by the café), or both.