Destination guide: Puerto Natales, Chile

The town of Puerto Natales is the capital of the Last Hope province and gateway to the Torres del Paine National Park, the Southern Ice Field’sglaciers and the famous Milodon Cave. Puerto Natales is north-east of Punta Arenas and has all the services you need to be able to enjoy your trip to this part of Chile.

  • Puerto Natales - Things to do


    Eberhard Ranch

    Surrounded by tranquil fjords and looming mountains, the original homestead and estancia in the region, Eberhard Ranch, is impossibly scenic and gives a taste of the area outside of the internationalized outdoor-sports mecca of Puerto Natales. At the ranch you can see gauchos at work. It is not a tourist show, but real work, which includes the slaughter of sheep - so it is not for the faint of heart. To arrange a visit contact Estancia Travel.

    Sub-type: Architectural
    Telephone : +56 61 412 221
    Address: N of Town Center

    Museo Histórico

    This museum has natural history items (mostly stuffed animals), archaeological artifacts, such as stone and whalebone arrowheads and spear points, plus a Yahgan canoe, Tehuelche bolas and historical photographs of Puerto Natales' development.

    Sub-type: Museum
    Opening Hours: 08:30-12:30 & 14:30-18:00 Tue-Sun
    Pricing : Admission free

    40 y 20 Fruta Seca

    An essential stop before heading into the park, 40 y 20 has a wide array of dry fruits and nuts to assemble into your perfect trail mix. Prices vary depending on the type of fruit or nut. The dried mango and papaya are worth the little bit extra. Where else can you get tropical fruit in the Patagonian winter?

    Sub-type: Food, Drink
    Telephone: +56 61 210 661
    Address: Baquedano 443, Town Center