Destination guide: Puerto Montt, Chile

Located directly north of the Reloncavi Sound, the city of Puerto Montt stands out as an important port and center for transport. It is also considered the gateway to Patagonia, Chiloe, Puerto Varas, Puerto Octay and Frutillar and to the southernmost regions of Chile.

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  • Puerto Montt

    Say what you will about Puerto Montt but if you choose to visit southern Chile’s ominous volcanoes, its celestial glacial lakes, its mountainous national parks, you will visit the capital of Los Lagos and the region’s commercial and transportation hub.
    The city can be a welcome change of pace, and one of the region’s most beautiful hotels is here., head straight for the quirky port area, Angelmó, which is full of tiny seafood restaurants and crafts shops, or Plaza de Armas, which can get quite lively with indigenous musical groups.

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