Destination guide: Concepcion, Chile

Concepcion is the capital of the Region of Bio Bio and faces the Pacific. This city is one of the most important financial, business and tourism centers in southern Chile, earning it the nickname “Pearl of the Bio Bio”. Concepcion also has a dynamic port and wealth of both cultural and artistic activities. Check out our promotions section and find out about the best offers on flights to Concepcion.

Located in the central region of Chile, Concepcion is a historically and economically important city. It was one of the epicenters of the Chilean independence movement, and continues to be a politically active city. Many people fly to Concepcion to help build contacts within their industry while enjoying the local culture. Although Concepcion is not the largest city in the country, it nonetheless takes a leading role in services as well as export and transportation of goods. 

Traveling to Concepcion offers the chance to explore some of the historic areas, while also enjoying the unique shopping environment and developing useful business contacts.

  • Concepcion - Things to do


    Galería de la Historia

    Galería de la Historia, where small dioramas representing local history and massacre of the Mapuche at the hands of conquistadores and pioneers.

    Latitude: -36.8338600000000 / Longitude: -73.0499496459961
    Sub-Type: Museum
    International Number: (56-41) 285 3756
    Opening Hours: 3-6:30pm Sun & Mon, 10am-1:30pm & 3-6:30pm Tue-Fri
    Pricing: admission free
    Address: cnr Av Lamas & Lincoyán

    La Casa del Arte

    The massive, fiercely political mural La Presencia de América Latina is the highlight of the university art museum La Casa del Arte. It’s by Mexican artist Jorge González Camarena, a protégé of muralist legend José Clemente Orozco, and celebrates Latin America’s indigenous peoples and independence from colonial and imperial powers. The museum also contains several rooms of paintings by major Chilean artists, and hosts regular temporary exhibitions.

    Sub-Type: Museum
    International Number: (56-41) 224 2567
    Opening Hours: 10am-6pm Tue-Fri, 10am-5pm Sat, 10am-2pm Sun
    Pricing: admission free
    Address: cnr Chacabuco & Paicaví
    : Barrio Universitario

    Parque Ecuador

    Parque Ecuador is a narrow stretch of well-maintained urban parkland which runs along the foot of Cerro Caracol – walk up one of the two access roads (continuations of Caupolicán and Tucapel) to a viewpoint with great views of Concepcion.

    Sub-Type: Park
    Address: Av Lamas