Destination guide: Concepcion, Chile

Concepcion is the capital of the Region of Bio Bio and faces the Pacific. This city is one of the most important financial, business and tourism centers in southern Chile, earning it the nickname “Pearl of the Bio Bio”. Concepcion also has a dynamic port and wealth of both cultural and artistic activities. Check out our promotions section and find out about the best offers on flights to Concepcion.

Located in the central region of Chile, Concepcion is a historically and economically important city. It was one of the epicenters of the Chilean independence movement, and continues to be a politically active city. Many people fly to Concepcion to help build contacts within their industry while enjoying the local culture. Although Concepcion is not the largest city in the country, it nonetheless takes a leading role in services as well as export and transportation of goods. 

Traveling to Concepcion offers the chance to explore some of the historic areas, while also enjoying the unique shopping environment and developing useful business contacts.

  • Concepcion - Practical Information


    Chilean Peso




    UTC/GMT -4


    Nationals of the US, Canada, Australia and the EU do not need a visa to visit Chile. Passports are obligatory and are essential for cashing traveler's checks, checking into hotels and other routine activities.

    The Chilean government collects a US$132/56/132 'reciprocity' fee from arriving US/Australian/Canadian citizens in response to these governments imposing a similar fee on Chilean citizens applying for visas. The payment applies only to tourists arriving by air in Santiago and is valid for the life of the passport. Payment must be made in cash; exact change necessary. It is advisable to carry your passport: Chile's police can demand identification at any moment, and many hotels require you to show it upon check-in.

    If your passport is lost or stolen, notify the police, ask them for a police statement, and notify your consulate as soon as possible.

    Business Hour

    Shops in Chile open by 10am, Government offices and businesses open from 9am to 6pm. Banks are open 9am to 2pm weekdays. Tourist offices stay open long hours daily in summer, but have abbreviated hours in the off-season. In many provincial cities and towns restaurants and services are closed on Sunday. Museums are often closed Monday. Restaurant hours vary widely, but most places are open from noon till 11pm. Many restaurants do not open for breakfast and quite a few close for the lull between lunch and dinner.

    Weights & Measures



    Check the website for Chilean customs (www.aduana.cl) if you're concerned about what and how much you can take in and out of the country.

    There are no restrictions on import and export of local and foreign currency. Duty-free allowances include purchases of up to US$500. Travelers should consult the Chilean Customs website information for foreigners at www.aduana.cl/prontus_aduana_eng/site/edic/base/port/foreign_travelers.html (in English) for information on allowances.

    Electricity overview

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