Destination guide: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is the most inhabited city in Brazil, with modern architecture that coexists in perfect harmony with the city’s greenery and white sandy beaches. On strolling through its streets, visitors witness a magnitude of culture and nightlife, as well being able to visit exclusive shops and art galleries.

Fly with LAN to Sao Paulo and get to know Guaruja Island, the legacy of the golden age of coffee and the place where the South American Grand Prix is held.

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  • Sao Paulo - Weather Overview

    Sao Paulo city temperatures are moderate in winter and warm but not excessively hot in summer, with a tendency towards often uncomfortable humidity levels. Heavy rainfall sometimes occurs in December/January and some local flooding can result.

    Weather Monthly View


    Average High Temperature Average Low TemperatureAverage Rainfall
    January 27 19 24
    February 28 19 20
    March 27 18 14
    April 25 17 5
    May 23 15 4
    June 21 13 3
    July 21 12 2
    August 22 13 3
    September 22 13 5
    October 25 15 14
    November 25 17 12
    December 26 18 19