Destination guide: Brasilia, Brazil

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil and is right in the middle of country that is home to Rio de Janeiro. You can experience all of Brazilian culture here and move to the rhythm of sambacapoeira and bossa novaPurchase your flights at LAN.com and get ready to discover its futuristic architecture and the magic of football, which turns everything green and yellow. 

In Brasilia, you can also witness colorful carnivals and take a tour to the mysterious Amazon rainforest.

  • Brasilia

    Brazil’s futuristic capital is an attempt to create a workable, modern utopia. It’s the result of a long-harnessed Brazilian dream of an inland capital, carved out of nowhere in the 1950s in a spectacular feat of urban planning, architectural design and political prophecy.
    The purpose-built city and its surrounding area, known as the Distrito Federal (DF), occupies part of the Brazilian central plateau – the Planalto – with rolling hills and a large artificial lake, Paranoá.

    Wide-open, spectacular cerulean skies characterize the whole area, a picturesque backdrop to Brasília’s clean-lined design and marvelous architecture.

    For a nation often tipped as the country of the future, Brasília is its revolutionary testament to that end, a living museum lauded the world over for everything from its avant-garde grid of perfectly planned streets to its uberorganized residential apartment and commercial blocks As Brazil’s seat of government, it’s a city of bureaucrats and government workers, all of whom relish the national capital as a ’60s version of a third-millennium city.

    It remains the only city in the world constructed in the 20th century to achieve World Cultural Heritage designation by Unesco.

    Just over 50 years since its inauguration, Brasília is affluent, well manicured and lively. If you’re interested in modern architecture, you’ll easily spend a few days visiting the city’s impressive buildings and monuments, each day fueled by some of Brazil’s top restaurants and vibrant vida nocturna.

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