Destination guide: Ushuaia, Argentina

Argentine Ushuaia is the most southern town in the world and the main tourist hub for the province of Tierra del Fuego. In the Yagan language,Ushuaia means “bay that faces the west” and it is here where, due to its exceptional landscape, including majestic forests, lakes, rivers and mountains, cruise ships full of tourists from all over the world arrive every year. 

Ushuaia is also an ideal destination to go skiing and on expeditions through Argentine Patagonia.

  • Ushuaia

    A busy port and adventure hub, Ushuaia is a sliver of steep streets and jumbled buildings set between the Beagle Channel and the snowcapped Martial Range.

    It’s a location matched by few, and chest-beating Ushuaia takes full advantage of its end-of-the-world status as an increasing number of Antarctica-bound vessels call in to port. you can happily plot the dazzling outdoor options: hiking, sailing, skiing, kayaking and even scuba diving are just minutes from town.

    Tierra del Fuego’s comparatively high wages draw Argentines from all over to resettle here. Expansion means a jumble of housing developments advancing in the few directions the mad geography allows.

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