Destination guide: Tucuman, Argentina

Tucuman is the fourth largest city in Argentina and, due to its sustained growth, has been able to exploit several tourist attractions in the area, earning it the nickname "the Garden of the Republic". 

Take advantage of our flights to Tucuman and visit the House of Independence, the Government Palace, the San Martin Theatre, Independence Square and the 9 de Julio Park. Visit the Quilmes and Jesuit ruins, the Monument to the Indian and the famous La Angostura damn, as well as many others.

  • Tucuman - Things to do


    Casa del Obispo Colombres

     In the center of Parque 9 de Julio (formerly Bishop Colombres’ El Bajo plantation), handsome 18th-century Casa del Obispo Colombres is a museum dedicated to the sugar industry, which the active cleric (an important figure in the independence movement) effectively set up. The information panels are translated into English.

    Latitud: -26.8267600000000 Longitude:-65.1902000000000
    Telephone number: +54 381 452 2332
    Sub-Type: Architectural, Cultural
    Opening Hours: 8am-1pm & 3-8pm
    Pricing: Admission free
    Address: City Center
    Extra: Parque 9 de Julio

    Museo Folclorico Manuel Belgrano

    Occupying a colonial house, pleasant Museo Folclórico Manuel Belgrano features a good collection of traditional gaucho gear, indigenous musical instruments (check out the charangos made from an armadillo shell) and weavings, as well as some indigenous pottery.

     Sub-Type: Museum
    Telephone number:+54 381 421 8250
    Opening Hours: 9am-1pm & 3-8pm Tue-Sun
    Pricing: Admission free
    Address: Av 24 de Septiembre 565

    Termas de Rio Hondo

    Termas de Rio Hondo's main attraction is its thermal springs, and even the most basic accommodation has hot mineral baths. Very much a destination for Argentine tourists, Río Hondo is not as interesting for international visitors. That said, you'll be comfortable in the off-season with bargain-basement prices, as competition between hotels is hot.

    Sub-Type: Spring, Geyser
    Transportation Type: Bus
    Address: Tucumán - south