Destination guide: Rio Gallegos, Argentina

Rio Gallegos is the southernmost city in continental Argentina, with beautiful river valleys, with many wool-producing Patagonian sheep, making up its landscape. Tourists will be pleasantly surprised by its history of railroads and the wealth of culture that keeps the memory of the native Tehuelche tribe alive. 

Fly to Rio Gallegos and be amazed by the dinosaur fossils, the lighthouse and the Cabo Virgenes penguin colony, as well as the famous Blue Lagoon in the crater of a dormant volcano.

  • Rio Gallegos

    This coal-shipping, oil-refining and wool-raising hub is a busy port. . Outside of town, visitors can find some of the continent’s best fly-fishing, traditional estancias and amazingly low tides (retreating 14m). Traveler services are good here.

    The visitors pass through en route to El Calafate, Puerto Natales or Ushuaia. Gallegos’ economy revolves around nearby oilfields, with coal deposits shipped to ocean-going vessels at Punta Loyola.


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