Destination guide: Neuquen, Argentina

Neuquen is in the middle of Argentine Patagonia and its natural treasures leave tourists fascinated. Its imposing landscape, ski centers, rivers for fly fishing, hot springs and exquisite cuisine make this city a destination in South America that can’t be missed.

Take advantage of our promotions on flights to Neuquen and visit the astronomical observatory, Patagonian parks and the wine route and see the legacy left at the end of the world by dinosaurs.

  • Things to do-Neuquen

    Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

    The National Museum of Fine Arts showcases art of the region and generally, presents, offers exhibitions.

    Latitud: -38.9565815700000 / Longitud: -68.0536757100000
    Telephone number: +54 299 443 6268
    Opening Hours: 10:00 am-8:00 pm tue-sat 4:00-8:00 pm Sun
     Free  admission
    Address: Bartolomé Mitre & Santa Cruz, Town Center


    Confitería Donato

    Many dark wood paneling and brass fixtures give the place an antique feel and can do cross seats sat back for hours on end. The menu features the usual range of confectionery, with many sandwiches, cakes and coffees on offer. Live music Friday through Sunday nights and the occasional tango show, go to locate the program.

    Latitude: -38.9527900000000/ Longitude: -68.0560989379883
    Sub-Type: Café
    Telephone number: +54 299 442 6950
    Opening Hours: breakfast, lunch & dinner
    Pricing: snacks AR$12-20
    Price Range
    : Low
    : cnr JB Alberdi & Santa Fé

    Las Tintas

    Assuming the heavy task of showing the capabilities of making wines of the region, this wine bar and restaurant serves gourmet dishes and offers wine tasting.

    Latitude: -38.9498729500000 / Longitude: -68.0599034400000
    Sub-Type: Wine Bar
    Opening Hours: lunch & dinner, closed Sun
    Price Range
    : High
    Address: 9 de Julio 59, Town Center