Destination guide: Jujuy, Argentina

The town of Jujuy is in north-eastern Argentina, near the border with Bolivia and Chile and is next to the province of Salta. This city offers fascinating tourist circuits that include visits to the Hill of Seven Colors, the Purmamarca Salt Lake, the Pucara de Tilcara, the Altura Botanic Gardens, ancient archaeological sites, the Reyes hot springs, the Yala lagoon, the Quebrada de Humahuaca and the Calilegua National Park, as well as a wide variety of museums that keep the spirit of Jujuy alive.

  • Jujuy

    Of the trinity of northwestern cities, Jujuy shines for its livable feel, enticing restaurants and gregarious, good-looking locals. The climate is perpetually springlike; the city is the highest provincial capital in the country. San Salvador de Jujuy (commonly called simply Jujuy) was founded in 1593 as the most northerly Spanish colonial city in present-day Argentina. The city´s name is roughly pronounced hu-hui; if it sounds like an arch exclamation of surprise, you´re doing well.


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