Políticas de Equipaje

Baggage Information

When travelling, check the information you should know to transport your baggage.

  • You can also check our special baggage information in italian on the TAM website.

    Oversized Items

    Oversized sporting or musical equipment may be considered part of the free checked baggage allowance provided that they do not exceed the permitted allowance (according to the route and flight cabin). If they exceed it, excess baggage fee is charged in accordance with the current policy regarding regular baggage.

    Other types of oversized items must be transported via LANCARGO.

    In any event, articles allowed must also meet the following requirements:

    Sports equipment

    Sports Equipment

    You must bear the following in mind:

    • Special items should be packaged accordingly within a piece of luggage (a bag or box specially designed for transportation).
    • The volume of the packed piece does not exceed 203 linear cm excepting for surf boards, which can have a maximum volume of 300 linear cm.
    • That each piece does not exceed 23 kilograms in weight. By paying the excess corresponding to the route, the maximum weight may reach to 45 kilos; except on connections with Iberia, British Airways, and Qantas and on flights to/from Europe or Oceania on which the maximum weight is 32 kilograms.
    • Must meet the security conditions required for baggage and may not transport prohibited items.
    • Items such as windsurfing boards, kayaks, canoes and paddles, hang gliders, vaulting poles, and javelins may only be transported via LANCARGO.
    • If you bring your bike, you go with one of the wheels removed (preferably the front wheel) and both wheels without air. The handles must be fixed sideways and pedals ben be removed; otherwise they should come with some material to prevent damage to other items.


    Special rules for sports equipment until October 27, 2015
    On flights between Buenos Aires and Bariloche, Mendoza, Neuquén, Ushuaia or El Calafate, you can take one pair of skis, one pair of poles and one pair of boots or one snowboard and one pair of boots, in addition to your luggage allowance, for no extra charge.


    Musical equipment

    Musical Equipment

    • In the case of fragile items, these must be transported in custom-designed containers. If you do bring your instrument into the cabin with you, it must be in its case.
    • If the instrument meets the established weight and dimensions requirements, it may travel in the cabin. Otherwise, it will have to travel in the hold of the aircraft.
    • As an exception to this, and provided there is space available on your flight, you may bring a guitar with you into the cabin. We recommend that you bring it in a rigid case, because if there isn’t enough room in the cabin, it will be sent to the hold.

    NOTE: LAN's liability for damages incurred by these items (sporting or musical) is limited to what is established by law and existing international treaties.