LAN expands its U.S. and Caribbean interline network of destinations

New York and Santiago de Chile, March 8th, 2011 - LAN Airlines S.A. (NYSE: LFL/IPSA: LAN) and its affiliates Lan Perú, Lan Argentina and Lan Ecuador signed a bilateral interline agreement with the U.S. airline JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ: JBLU). Customers using LAN’s interline network of destinations will gain access to a greater number of routes and connections, throughout the different routes offered by this low cost North American airline.

The interline agreement will allow LAN passengers access to up to 55 cities across the United States, Latin America and Caribbean. Passengers will also be able to connect to JetBlue’s international routes to destinations including the Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Jamaica, Aruba, Barbados, Saint Lucia and The Bahamas, among others.  This is in addition to the more than 70 international destinations already offered by LAN Airlines and its affiliates.

Other advantages of the interline agreement for LAN’s passengers, aside from the option to expand their itineraries with more destinations, include an easier travel process including a single ticket for travel on both airlines and one-stop check-in for boarding passes and baggage for all flights.

Visitors from North America and the Caribbean will enjoy a greater flexibility to access LAN Airlines and its affiliates’ unrivaled network of tourism destination in South America, including Cuzco, Easter Island, Foz de Iguazú (Igauzu Falls) and the Patagonia regions of Chile and Argentina.

“This interline agreement expands LAN’s network in North America and the Caribbean and makes it possible to connect passengers with attractive new destinations and offer more convenient connections including hundreds of new daily flights to and from New York, Boston, Chicago, and Washington D.C., as well as other cities in the Midwest and Western United States,” said Armando Valdivieso, CEO of LAN Airlines Passenger Division.

Now in its 11th year of operation, JetBlue is often recognized for its customer service excellence and its successful low-cost business model. The airline operates a growing fleet of modern Airbus and Embraer aircraft including 117 A320 airplanes and 45 E190 airplanes.

In terms of onboard service, JetBlue features unlimited free snacks and drinks, a choice of 36 free live TV channels at each seat, and more than 100 channels of satellite radio. LAN Airlines and its affiliates’ offer a similar experience with on-demand entertainment system that offers 43 movies a month, 50 TV series and 800 music albums to choose from.