LAN and TAM receive first Airbus A320s equipped with “sharklets” -more than 100 to be incorporated through 2017

Tuesday April 23, 2013 – Aiming to strengthen its ongoing commitment to the environment and to stay on the cutting edge with one of the most modern aircraft fleets in the industry, LAN and TAM received its firsts Airbus A320s in Chile and Brazil respectively, both equipped with sharklets - devices made from lightweight composite materials and advanced technology that are installed in the wings to reduce aerodynamic drag. 

These devices can improve the aircraft’s take-off ability, achieving greater fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions by about 4%, in addition to reducing the noise footprint. LAN will receive two of these aircraft this month, which will operate only in domestic routes in Chile, while TAM’s will operate domestic routes from Sao Paulo. 
Between 2013 and 2017, LAN and TAM will receive more than 100 aircrafts equipped with this technology. From this milestone on, each Airbus A320 aircraft to join the LAN and TAM short-haul fleet will incorporate this technology.

Installing sharklets on these aircrafts represents an investment of approximately USD 100 million. From this technology alone, LAN projects an annual reduction of up to 1,000 tons of CO2 per aircraft and consequently 100,000 less CO2 emissions yearly once the entire fleet is incorporated. 

“Commercial aviation emits 2% of global CO2. LAN and TAM are constantly committed to reducing that number with concrete actions, and installing sharklets across our Airbus A320 fleet is an investment we are proud of, because we will operate with a lower environmental impact", said Justin Siegel, Vice President of Fleet Projects, LATAM Airlines Group. 

"LAN and TAM are among Latin America’s most successful airlines and long-time Airbus customers” said Rafael Alonso, Executive Vice President, Customer Affairs, Airbus Latin America and the Caribbean. “Airbus prides itself on delivering the latest version of the best-selling A320 Family and we are confident it will help these airlines save on fuel while making them more eco-efficient."

Airbus A320neo

It is worth mentioning that in addition to modernizing its existing A320 fleet, LAN and TAM has ordered, respectively, 20 and 22 modern Airbus A320neo aircrafts, also equipped with this technology in their wings, to be delivered between 2016 and 2018. 

The A320neo is a new option within the A320 Family offering more efficient engines and new aerodynamic devices called sharklets. This combination will offer fuel savings of up to 15%, among other benefits, equivalent to an annual reduction of 3,600 tons of CO22 per aircraft.