Kevin Johansen surprised LAN passengers on a flight between Santiago and Buenos Aires by launching his new album, 'Bi'

Well-known Argentine music artist, Kevin Johansen, surprised about 200 passengers on a LAN flight from Santiago to Buenos Aires, introducing in-flight his latest work entitled "Bi", which all passengers can enjoy as part of the In-flight entertainment system starting August this year.

"This unprecedented launch of a Latin American record on a LAN flight is part of our ongoing effort to provide, on our on-board entertainment system, the latest in music and film trends" said Fernanda Toro, manager of Travel Experience in LAN.

After flight LA445 took off from Santiago, the artist and his band were called to the crew’s cabin to get their instruments, and with a bongo, guitar and ukulele they began to play unplugged some of the songs from his new album 'Bi' and other songs from previous Johansen albums.

Starting in August, the album, soon be launched through Sony Music, will be part of LAN’s on-board entertainment system, which already has a music library of over 900 CDs and 10 audio channels.

LAN’s In-Flight Entertainment System

LAN’s In-flight entertainment includes 45 movies with 8 new releases each month and a selection of the 10 best Latin American films.

Among its 40 television programs, includes full seasons of three series (one of which is Mad Men, an award-winning series) that are designed especially for frequent travelers. All on-board programming is segmented into categories.

The music library on board LAN flights includes more than 900 CD's, where the user can also choose from 10 audio channels.

We also have 20 games on board, allowing our passengers to play alone or with other passengers.

For added convenience, all of LAN’s Boeing 767 and Airbus A340 aircraft cabins feature a universal connection for charging computers, cell phones, iPods, tablets or other electronic devices.