Discover the many ways to earn LANPASS km

How to earn LANPASS kilometers

With LANPASS, there are many ways to earn kilometers that can be exchanged for free trips much sooner than you think!

  • How to accumulate frequent flyer kms on TAM

    - Applies to flights marketed and operated by TAM.
    - For flights marketed by LAN, learn about the earning rules here.

    How many kilometers will I earn with each flight?

    Accumulation table for TAM flights

    Service Class Fares that allow you to earn kms. How much you earn
    First F 150% kms. flown
    Business C, D, J, Z 125% kms. flown
    Tourist Y, B, 125% kms. flown
    Tourist Discount E, U, S, H, M, K 100% kms. flown
    Tourist Extra Discount G, Q, V, L, W, N (1)
    100% kms. flown kms. on international flights to the United States and Europe.
    25% kms. flown flights within South America and domestic flights Brazil.

    (1) Valid for flights from September 5th, 2014.