oneworld benefits

Enjoy a World of exclusive benefits!

Any oneworld Alliance flight you take as a LANPASS member will accumulate kilometers to qualify for elite categories.

  • Being an elite member of oneworld provides you access to a great number of benefits on all international trips flown on oneworld airlines:

    • Access approximately 550 VIP rooms worldwide
    • Preferred Check-in
    • Preferred Boarding
    • Priority on stand-by policy and waiting list

    For Premium Members

    You may check-in at the Executive Class counter of the oneworld airline operating your flight, even if you bought an Economy Class ticket.

    For Premium Silver Members

    If you are a Premium Silver Member, you have access to the Executive VIP Class no matter what class you are traveling on. In addition, Premium Silver members may board the plane whenever they decide to do so.

    Elite Commodore Class

    Provides its most valued customers access to all First Class VIP and Executive Class rooms. In addition, it allows Commodore Members to check-in at the First Class counter on oneworld Airline Counters and board the plane whenever they decide to do so.

    Enjoy your trip and a world of benefits travelling on oneworld airlines and remember your next trip might allow you to qualify for an upgrade to an elite category.

    For additional information on oneworld benefits, visit oneworld.com
    To accumulate LANPASS kilometers on oneworld Airlines, remember to provide your member number before travelling.
    Remember, these benefits depend on your Elite LANPASS member category.