• Cabins

    Find out more about the comforts you'll experience when travelling in any of our cabins, from the design of our seats, to the onboard entertainment you'll enjoy.

    Welcome to the Premium Business Experience

    Relax in our state-of-the-art seats, which can be converted into beds. Enjoy our friendly onboard service and delight your palate with a fine dining menu developed by renowned chefs, featuring wines selected by the most celebrated sommelier in South America. Prepare to enjoy the Premium Business experience!

    More than just sleep, you'll feel rested and recharged

    This class has been specially designed to make your flight into a truly restful experience. Our redesigned cabin and flat-bed seats will allow you to enjoy a perfect and restful sleep.

    More than just distractions, enjoy exclusive entertainment!

    With our state-of-the-art entertainment system you can enjoy a great film or your favorite music. Add to that our personalized service, making travel in this class an unforgettable experience.

    More than just details, we offer quality

    In Premium Business you'll receive a quality of service that very few airlines in the world can deliver. It's a new way to travel, based on what passengers value most when flying: a restful journey and outstanding service. You'll be delighted by the service of our flight crew, enjoying an exquisite menu and a fantastic wine list.