Destination guide: Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and one of the most beautiful cities in South America. It borders the Atlantic Ocean and, in each of its corners, you’ll find friendly, warmhearted people who welcome foreigners with open arms.

Fly with LAN to Montevideo and dance to the rhythm of milonga and tango, marvel at the colonial architecture of its historical center and enjoy the best of Uruguayan cuisine, with barbecues, pasties and sparkling wine.

  • Montevideo

    Uruguay’s capital and by far its largest city, Montevideo is a vibrant, eclectic place with a rich cultural life. Stretching nearly 20km from east to west, the city wears many faces, from its industrial port to the exclusive residential suburb of Carrasco near the airport. In the historic downtown business district, art deco and neoclassical buildings jostle for space alongside grimy, worn-out skyscrapers that appear airlifted from Havana or Ceauşescu’s Romania, while to the southeast the shopping malls and modern high-rises of beach communities such as Punta Carretas and Pocitos bear more resemblance to Miami or Copacabana.

    The capital’s active and resurgent urban culture is a palpable force, and locals are justifiably proud to share it with you. In Ciudad Vieja, the heart of historic Montevideo, old buildings are being restored to make room for boldly painted cafes, hostels and galleries, while down by the port the municipal administration has spruced up the Mercado del Puerto to accommodate a new city tourist office and Carnaval museum.

    Montevideo serves as administrative headquarters for Mercosur, South America’s leading trading bloc, and the capital’s many embassies and foreign cultural centers add to the international flavor. Meanwhile, the city’s music, theater, art and club scenes continue to thrive, from elegant older theaters and cozy little tango bars to modern beachfront discos.

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