Destination guide: Moorea, Polynesia

Moorea is a triangular island approximately 18 kilometers from Tahiti in the South Pacific. Some of its great attractions are the so-called "Moorea Mountains", with their craggy volcanic peaks.

You'll also find white sandy beaches with turquoise water, coral reefs and the Moorea Dolphin Center there. Unlike Papeete, this island does not have built-up areas, making it an ideal destination for preaceful, restful and relaxing vacations. Travel to Moorea and discover the best of Polynesia!

  • Moorea - Things to do


    Maison Blanche

    The early-20th-century Maison Blanche is a fine example of a fare vanira, a plantation house from Moorea’s vanilla-boom era. Located just past the Moorea Pearl Resort, the Maison Blanche is now a souvenir shop. It has a fairly typical selection of pareu (sarongs) and Balinese woodcarvings.

    Pricing: PK5



    Get all-day American-, French- or Tahitian-style breakfasts, burgers, pizzas, salads, ice-cream treats and more at this affordable and popular cafe. Don’t miss the French-style coffee, pastries and crêpes.

    Telephone Number: +689 56 15 88
    Opening Hours: breakfast & lunch
    Pricing: breakfasts from 950 CFP, lunch mains from 1300 CFP
    Extras: Maharepa shopping centre

    Le Sud Restaurant

    The airy French-plantation decor and good food make this a winner (though portions are a bit small).

    Telephone Number: +689 56 42 95
    Opening Hours: lunch & dinner Tue-Sat, lunch Sun
    Pricing: mains 1300-3000 CFP
    Email: lesud.moorea@mail.pf

    Restaurant Te Honu Iti

    The terrace of this place sits over the water, and at night the water is lit up so you can watch rays and fish swim below. The owner’s original paintings grace the walls, so you have something else interesting to look at too, as you dine on exquisite osso bucco (2400 CFP), lobster (4200 CFP) or an array of French-inspired dishes.

    Telephone Number: +689 56 19 84
    Opening Hours: lunch & dinner Thu-Tue
    Pricing: mains 1900-4200 CFP

    Chez Luciano

    Catering to hungry French Polynesian families, this place serves giant pizzas (plenty of toppings) for five people for very reasonable prices. There’s a cat-theme decor and the chef lets out an occasional meow as he spices his creations.

    Telephone Number:  +689 56 15 20
    Pricing: pizzas 2000 CFP

    La Plantation

    Lots of Cajun specialities as well as some of Moorea's best vegetarian dishes are available at this classy, white-clad, jazz-infused restaurant. There's often live music on Saturdays and the wine list and service are just as good as the food.

    Telephone Number:  +689 56 45 10
    Pricing: mains 1100-3600 CFP



    This is the biggest supermarket and is about 500m south of the quay in Vaiare.

    Opening Hours: 8am-8pm Mon-Sat, morning Sun


    Jus de Fruits de Moorea

    About 300m inland from the coastal road, the Jus de Fruits de Moorea is a welcome, thirst-quenching stop. The various fruit liqueurs are free to try but the juices are not (a carton of 100% pineapple juice is 320 CFP).

    SubType: Drink
    Telephone Number: +689 56 11 33
    Opening Hours: 8.30am-4.30pm Mon-Sat
    Pricing: admission free


    Order a (not-sogreat) burrito and enjoy the music at this funky little Tex-Mex joint (mains 1000 CFP to 2000 CFP). You can check your email while you imbibe at the bar. It's best to reserve well in advance on nights when there is music (entry fee 500 CFP).

    SubType: Night
    Telephone Number: +689 55 01 70
    Opening Hours: 8am-11pm Mon-Wed, 8am-1am Thu-Sat

    Tiki Village

    This is a Tahitian cultural village where tourists can watch local people ‘living’ in the traditional way. The main draw is the spectacular 60-person evening dance performances (the biggest on the island). Daytime shows are an OK alternative but lack some of the intense

    SubType: Night
    Telephone Number: +689 55 02 50
    Opening Hours: lunch & day show Tue-Sat, dinner & night show Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat
    : admission with lunch 1500 CFP, with/without dinner 8700/4400 CFP
    Website: www.tikivillage.pf