Destination guide: Moorea, Polynesia

Moorea is a triangular island approximately 18 kilometers from Tahiti in the South Pacific. Some of its great attractions are the so-called "Moorea Mountains", with their craggy volcanic peaks.

You'll also find white sandy beaches with turquoise water, coral reefs and the Moorea Dolphin Center there. Unlike Papeete, this island does not have built-up areas, making it an ideal destination for preaceful, restful and relaxing vacations. Travel to Moorea and discover the best of Polynesia!

  • Moorea

    Moorea is the stuff of fairytales. It’s so beautiful you’ll be rubbing your eyes at your first glimpse of it from Tahiti, and wondering if someone has slipped something mind-altering into your drink. Whether you arrive by ferry or plane, the loveliness of the island intensifies as you draw nearer. That turquoise lagoon that you were sure was Photoshopped in the brochure? It’s better in real life. As you admire the near-vertical, emerald cliffs, you’ll wonder if you are the luckiest person in the world. The short answer: yes.

    Moorea has a healthy selection of top-end resorts, but it is also host to some of the best budget choices in French Polynesia, and midrangers will find an excellent choice of smaller hotels and beachfront family pensions (guesthouses). Catch up on your Zs on the skinny, white-sand beaches, frolic with rays and sharks, snorkel or dive through schools of fish over the never-ending quantity of coral, gorge yourself on stylishly prepared seafood, and just chill. If you need more action, learn to kite surf, take a hike, go on a whale- or dolphin-watching tour, rent a bike or go horseback riding.

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