Destination guide: Chiclayo, Peru

Chiclayo is in north-western Peru, near the border with Ecuador. Its main attractions are pre-Inca archaeological remains and its cuisine.

Chiclayo is also known as the "City of Friendship" due to the warmth and hospitality of its inhabitants.

Fly with LAN and visit the Huaca Rajada archaeological complex or the Señor del Sipan, the ruins of ancient civilizations and beach resorts such as Pimentel, where you can see the typical reed boats that are made in Peru.

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    Partly because of the rare treasures at Sipán, the Chiclayo area has single-handedly cornered the Peruvian market for exceptionally well-designed museums; a point in case is the excellent museum in Lambayeque, 11km north of Chiclayo.

     Sub-Type: Museum. 


    In 1987, a royal Moche tomb at Sipán, 30km southeast of Chiclayo, was located by researchers. This find proved to be extraordinary as archaeologists recovered hundreds of dazzling and priceless artifacts from the site. Excavation continues.

    Sub-Type: Royal

    Plaza de Armas

    The Plaza de Armas is a great place to amble as it fills nightly with sauntering couples, evangelical preachers and an army of underemployed shoe shiners.

    Latitude: -6.7716174068692 / Longitude: -79.8386013507843
    Sub-Type: Shopping Centre.
    Extras: Plaza de Armas.