Destination guide: Sydney, Australia

Located in New South Wales, Sydney (Oceania) is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and has one of the best standards of living.

Some of its most recognizable landmarks are the Opera House (declared a World Heritage Site), the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the AMP Tower, which has incredible panoramic views of the city.

Fly to Sydney with LAN and discover the Museum of Australia, the Panasonic Imax Theatre with its giant screen, the Chinese Garden, beautiful Australian beaches and the neighborhood of The Rocks, where you’ll find the best in entertainment in Sydney.

  • Sydney - History Overview

    The Sydney region is the ancestral home of the Eora people (the Kuring-gai, Birrabirragal and Cadi peoples) who possessed an intimate understanding of environmental sustainability, spoke three distinct languages, and maintained sophisticated sacred and artistic cultures. In 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip established Australia’s first European settlement here, and the Eora were soon stripped of legal rights to their land, systematically incarcerated, and killed or driven away by force.

    Early Sydney bumbled through near- starvation and rum-fuelled political turmoil; things didn’t boom until the 1850s gold rush, when Sydney’s population doubled ina decade.

    In the 20th century, post-WWII immigrants from the UK, Ireland and the Mediterranean brought spirit and prosperity to Sydney. Hosting the 2000 Olympic Games thrust Sydney into the global limelight for celebratory reasons, and the simmering racial tensions that exploded into mob violence on the southern beaches in late 2005 did the same for horrific ones.