Destination guide: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Only 52 kilometers from Cancun and in the middle of the Mayan Riviera is Playa del Carmen, a beautiful beach town whose main activities are tourism, nightlife and local fishing. This Caribbean paradise is ideal for diving, since its crystal-clear water is home to beautiful fishes and underwater caves.

Playa del Carmen also has an area of tropical jungle, with lakes, coral reefs, pools and swamps, where spider monkeys, crocodiles and an endless number of exotic birds live. On your next trip to Mexico, don’t forget to visit this spectacular destination.

  • Playa del Carmen- Things to do


    Dive Sites

    Playa is one of the best places on the coast to dive and snorkel. You can grab a snorkel and mask and dive in right from the beach, but the most spectacular underwater sites are at the offshore reefs. Playa is a popular jump-off spot for exploring the mysterious underwater caves and cenotes (sinkholes) in the region. Several outfitters in town offer instruction, certification courses, and scuba and snorkeling trips.

     Sub-Type: Dive Sites
    Address:  Playa del Carmen



    About three blocks west of Hwy 307, the Alux is an amazing must-visit. It’s a restaurant-lounge situated in a cavern: stalactites, stalagmites, pools and all.

    Sub-Type: Mexican
    Telephone Number: +52 984 803 29 36
    Opening Hours: 7pm-2am
    Pricing: mains M$120-200
    Price Range: High
    : Av Juárez

    Buenos Aires

    In a new location, this Argentinean-owned steak house is well known for its parrilla, an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord (M$350 for two people). Waiters bring your meat to you on a skewer. You can also sample ribs, empanadas, burgers and other ‘lighter’ fare.

     Sub-Type: Buffet
    Telephone Number: +52 984 873 27 51
    Opening Hours: noon-11:30pm
    : mains M$100-300