Destination guide: Ciudad de Mexico

Ciudad de Mexico was the birthplace of the Aztec culture and one of the main strongholds of the Spanish Conquest and is a must-see destination for anyone travelling to North America. One of Ciudad de Mexico’s main attractions is the Zocalo, which houses the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the ruins of a Tenochtitlan temple.

Nearby, you can also visit the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Theatre of the Insurgents with a mosaic mural by Diego Rivera and the floating gardens of Xochimilco, as well as many other tourist landmarks. Purchase your flights at LAN.com and get ready for an incredible vacaction in Ciudad de Mexico.

  • Ciudad de Mexico

    Ciudad de Mexico is a place of multifaceted offerings. This is a city of serene parks and European-style plazas, teeming street life and bustling markets, boisterous bullrings and civilized cantinas, gleaming office towers and centuries-old monasteries, old-fashioned dance halls and minimalist electronica clubs. Over a hundred museums display pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern art or cover the city’s long history. For culinary travelers, it’s an endless banquet, from soulful taco stalls to world-class restaurants. Music is everywhere: emerging from the opera house, you’re greeted by an organ-grinder. Over 2km high, Mexico City enjoys a springlike climate year-round. And the Chilangos, or "defeños," or "capitalinos," or whatever you name the locals, are a remarkably patient and helpful bunch.

    Remember that Mexico City is, and has ever been, the sun in the Mexican solar system. To truly understand the country, you’ve got to come to grips with El Gran Tenochtitlán.

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