Destination guide: Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the most important cities in Europe. It's a city full of history and culture and a very popular destination for both Germans and foreigners.

In Berlin, you can visit the Brandenburg Gate, the Telecommunications Tower (for a bird’s eye view of the city), the Reichstag building, the old bunkers that offered the Germans protection during the Second World War, the remains of the Berlin Wall (which divided the country for 28 years) and Germanic breweries, representative of one of the country's most deep-rooted traditions.

  • Berlin

    Berlin ‘must be the newest city I have ever encountered’, observed Mark Twain in 1891, and a modern-day visitor might well echo the sentiment. In the 20th year of its post-Wall rebirth, Berlin is a city throbbing with vitality.  Head-spinning museums to eclectic galleries, grand opera to guerrilla clubs, gourmet temples to ethnic snack shacks – no matter whether your tastes run to posh or punk, you can sate them in the German capital.

    Chronic fiscal woes aside, when it comes to fashion, art, design and music, Berlin is the city to watch. A global influx of creative spirits has turned it into a cauldron of cultural cool on par with New York in the ’80s. What draws them is an experimental climate infused with an urban grit that gives this ‘eternally unfinished’ city its street cred.
    All this trendiness is a triumph for a town that’s long been in the crosshairs of history: Berlin staged a revolution, headquartered fascists, was bombed to bits, ripped in half and finally reunited – and that was just in the 20th century!

    Perhaps it’s because of its heavy historical burden that Berlin is throwing itself into tomorrow with such manic abandon. Cafés are jammed at all hours, and clubs host their scenes of frenzy and hedonism until the wee hours. Sleep? Waaaay overrated.
    Come and join the party!

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