Destination guide: Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is the state capital, but it's also a center for business, education, and tourism. Located high in the mountains, Bogota is a unique city with a rich cultural heritage.

If you enjoy culture or art, fly to Bogota and explore La Candelaria, Bogota's primary historical district. You can explore colonial landmarks and experience famous local traditions, such as the brunches and flea markets in the historical district on Sundays.

  • Bogota

    Cradled by cool Andean peaks and named after a nearby ancient site, Colombia’s engaging capital is a city of 1000 neighborhoods – each adding a different take on a lively metropolis. Bogota a surprising leader in forward-thinking progressive projects. On Sundays 122km of roads are closed to cars and left for more than a million locals to enjoy on bikes, while the recently built TransMilenio bus system purposely connects posh ‘fantasy land’ neighborhoods in the north with working-class ones in the south.

    Most visitors here gravitate to the cobbled historic center – La Candelaria – where senators lunch at restaurants housed in 300-year-old homes that reinvent themselves as drinks-only venues after hours for the lively student scene. Most traditional attractions are here – radiating out from Plaza de Bolívar – and gorgeous Cerro de Monserrate is just east.

    It’s a very different scene up north, where you’ll find boutique hotels, safe strolls after dark, and well-heeled locals piling into chic districts like Zona Rosa. The flip side of the city, of course, is the grittier south and southwest.

    Try a hot mug of canelazo (aguardiente, sugarcane, cinnamon and lime), which comes sugar-coated and filled with the local spirit. Or indulge in the city’s one great unifier and dunk a chunk of white cheese right into your hot chocolate.

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