Destination guide: Puerto Montt, Chile

Located directly north of the Reloncavi Sound, the city of Puerto Montt stands out as an important port and center for transport. It is also considered the gateway to Patagonia, Chiloe, Puerto Varas, Puerto Octay and Frutillar and to the southernmost regions of Chile.

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  • Puerto Montt - Things to do


    Av Angelmó Street Stalls

    Along busy, diesel-fume-laden Av Angelmó is a dizzying mix of streetside stalls (selling artifacts, heaps of smoked mussels, cochayuyo - edible sea plant - and mysterious trinkets), crafts markets and touristy seafood restaurants with croaking waiters beckoning you to a table. The best quality crafts and food are found at the end of the road at the picturesque fishing port of Angelmó, 3km west of downtown. It's easily reached by frequent local buses and colectivos.

    Latitude: -41.4835775824715 / Longitude: -72.9604196548462
    Sub-Type: Market
    Address: Av Angelmó, SW of City Center

    Iglesia Catedral

    Built entirely of Alerce in 1856, the Iglesia Catedral, located on the Plaza de Armas, is the town’s oldest building.

    Sub-Type: Religious, Spiritual
    Address: Urmeneta s/n, City Center
    : nr Plaza de Armas

    Juan Pablo II

    Puerto Montt’s waterfront Museo Juan Pablo II has displays on natural history, archaeology, the island of Chiloé, maritime history and weapons, religious iconography, German colonization and local urbanism. Check out the gaudy bracelets from singer and ballerina, Tilda Tibau, and the prehistoric radio by Telefunken – our next band name.

    Sub-Type: Museum
    International Number: (56-65) 261 700
    Opening Hours: 9am-6pm Mon-Fri
    Pricing: admission CH$500
    Address: Av Diego Portales 997
    Extras: 2nd fl