Destination guide: Osorno, Chile

Osorno Chile is a town located in the southern part of Chile. The city itself offers attractive scenery, interesting architecture, and fun entertainment like rodeos.

Osorno offers many points of interest just outside of the city. Puyehue National Park offers nature lovers the opportunity to enjoy untouched wilderness. Also, its volcanic hot springs makes it a popular place for spas and resorts. Discover the Los Lagos region, known for its beautiful lakes and nearby Antillanca Ski Resort offers skiing and winter sports.

  • Osorno - Things to do


    Casa Mohr Pérez

    The 1876 Casa Mohr Pérez, a private home, is Osorno's oldest surviving Germanic construction. The block of Mackenna, between Cochrane and Freire, preserves a solid row of early Germanic houses.

    Latitude: -40.5746441709563 / Longitude: -73.1342053413391
    Sub-Type: Architectural, Cultural
    Address: Juan Mackenna 949, City Center

    Museo Histórico Municipal

    Osorno’s well-arranged Museo Histórico Municipal includes exhibits on Mapuche culture, the city’s shaky colonial origins, German colonization and 19th-century development, all in an impressive neocolonial building dating from 1929.

    Sub-Type: Museum
    Opening Hour: 9:30am-6pm Mon-Fri, 2pm-7pm Sat Jan-Feb, 9:30am-5pm Mon-Fri, 2pm-6pm Sat Mar-Dec
    Pricing: admission free
    International Number: (56-64) 238 615
    Address: Av. Matta 809

    Café Migas

    Meaning 'Café Crumbs' this cheery restaurant serves empanadas, pizzas and cakes, plus a lunch special. Best of all, the owner speaks English and likes helping travelers enjoy the Osorno area.

    Sub-Type: Eat
    International Number: (56-64) 235 541
    Opening Hours: 08:00-21:00
    Price Range: Low
    Address: Freire 584, City Center