Destination guide: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil is recognized internationally as an emerging economy, and no city shows that growth more clearly than Sao Paulo which makes it mainly a business destination.

For the leisure traveler, Sao Paulo Brazil offers many interesting historical and cultural attractions. The city is a recognized center for Brazilian music, and many travelers come specifically to enjoy the unique melodies. In addition, Sao Paulo has a number of theatres, museums, and other destinations to browse.

  • Sao Paulo

    Let them guide you to their favorite haunts, and the reason for this will begin to unfold. Maybe they will introduce you to the city’s innumerable art-house cinemas and experimental theaters. If they’re gourmands, you’ll focus on the smart bistros and jewels of ethnic cuisine. If they’re partiers, double up on espresso before embarking on a tour of raucous underground bars and the 24/7 clubbing scene. Whatever manmade pleasure you might covet, Sampa – as the city is known – probably has it in spades.

    This fertile cultural life is supported by Brazil’s biggest and best-educated middle class and further enriched by literally hundreds of distinct ethnic groups – including the largest community of people of Japanese descent outside Japan. It also has the largest openly gay community in Latin America. Sheer numbers helps too. An estimated 20 million people live in greater São Paulo, making it the third-largest metropolis on earth. Its relentless, round-the-clock pulse – a close cousin of London’s or New York’s – can prove taxing. Then again, it may just deliver the charge you need to discover one of the world’s great cities.

    There are a handful of good museums and an increasingly well-preserved historic centre. Higher-end restaurateurs, shop owners and impresarios tend to turn their establishments into delightful little worlds unto themselves that are, for better or worse, sealed off to the city’s nuisances.

    The city occupies a high plateau, making it chilly in the Brazilian winter, and very warm, but rarely stifling hot, in summer. São Paulo will be a host city for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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