Destination guide: Ushuaia, Argentina

Argentine Ushuaia is the most southern town in the world and the main tourist hub for the province of Tierra del Fuego. In the Yagan language, Ushuaia means “bay that faces the west” and it is here where, due to its exceptional landscape, including majestic forests, lakes, rivers and mountains, cruise ships full of tourists from all over the world arrive every year. 

Ushuaia is also an ideal destination to go skiing and on expeditions through Argentine Patagonia.

  • Ushuaia - Things to do


    Beagle Channel

      A boat trip is the best way to view the Beagle Channel, with attractions such as the sea-lion colony at Isla de los Lobos, and Isla de Pájaros. Other options include a more expensive catamaran trip or the historic 70-passenger Barracuda, which chugs to the Faro Les Eclaireurs lighthouse.

    Sub-Type: Canal 
    Telephone number: +54 2901 437 606
    Opening Hours: Chartered boats leave morning and afternoon
    Pricing: Tres Marías Excursiones - around US$30.00 for four-hour
    Transportation Type: Boat
    Details- tourist pier on Maipú btwn Lasserre & Roca

    Glaciar Martial

    A good hike from downtown leads up to Glaciar Martial, where you can enjoy views of Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel. Catch a taxi up the hill or, if you're up for an all-day hike, follow San Martín west and keep ascending as it zigzags (there are many hiker shortcuts) to the ski run. At this point, either take the Aerosilla chairlift or walk another two hours into town.

    Sub-Type: Glacier
    Adress: W of Town Center
    Transportation Type:Taxi

    Parque Nacional del Tierra del Fuego

    Extending 63,000 hectares (155,676 acres) from the Beagle Channel in the south to beyond Lago Fagnano/Kami in the north, only a couple of thousand hectares of this park are open to the public: a miniscule system of short, easy trails along the rivers or through dense native forests. Plenty of birdlife graces the park, especially along the coastal zone. Keep an eye out for albatross, terns, oystercatchers and orange-billed steamer duck

    Sub-Type: 9am-8pm
    Opening Hours: 10am-12:30pm & 2-5pm Tue-Fri, 10am-6pm Sat
    Pricing: Admission AR$10
    Address: Cnr Maipú & Rivadavia

    Bodegon Fueguino

    A great gathering spot for wine and appetizers, this century-old Fuegian home is cozied up with sheepskin-clad benches, cedar barrels and ferns. A picada (shared appetizer plate) for two includes eggplant, lamb brochettes, crab and bacon-wrapped plums.

    Opening Hour: Tue-Sun
    Pricing: Mains AR$30-45
    Address: San Martín 859


    For an out-of-body seafood experience, head to this candlelit house. Chef Ernesto Vivian employs the freshest of every­thing and service is nothing less than impeccable. We can’t leak our faves, since the chef protests that customers always repeat the order! Service is attentive, the wine list extensive and the views of the bay, well, we doubt you’ll bother to notice them. Reservations advised.

    Opening Hour: Lunch & dinner
    Sub-Type: Seafood
    Pricing: Mains AR$40
    Address: Roca 470


    Lomitos Martinica

    Dive dining at its best, this cheap parrillada with grillside seating serves enormous milanesa sandwiches and offers an economical lunch special.

    Opening Hour: 11:30am-3pm & 8:30pm-12am
    Pricing: Mains AR$9-13
    Address: San Martín 68


    Galway Irish Bar

    This big bar affords less ambiance but recovers favor with its dart board and Beagle beer (Ushuaia’s beer) on tap.

    Opening Hour:8pm-late
    Sub-Type: Bar
    Telephone : +54 2901 422355
    Address: Lasserre 108

    Küar Resto Bar

    This chic new log-cabin-style bar welcomes the ‘after-ski’ crowd for fresh cocktails, local beer and tapas. The interior is stylish but the real highlight, especially at sunset, is the jaw-dropping views over the water. You’ll have to catch a cab; Küar is a few kilometers outside of town by the water.

    Opening Hour: 6pm-late
    Website: www.kuar.com.ar
    Telephone: +54 2901 422355
    Address: Av Perito Moreno 2232

    Saint Christopher Resto-Bar

    This boat-shaped restaurant, complete with nautical theme, serves food during the day but becomes more of a drinking spot at night.

    Telephone: +54 2901 422423
    Address: Maipú 822, Town