LAN Airlines celebrates the arrival of 100th aircraft

Santiago, October 18, 2010

LAN Airlines recently celebrated the arrival of the 100th aircraft to their fleet, an Airbus 320-200 that will cover regional routes within South America.  The celebration comes in the midst of a period of growth where LAN Airlines aims to position itself as one of the most important airlines in the world. This event was attended by the Company’s senior executives and employees, as well as Airbus representatives and other distinguished guests.

The 100th aircraft is part of an order of more than 90 aircraft that LAN and its affiliates will receive from Airbus, which will be gradually incorporated into their fleet through 2016. This will enable the companies to strengthen flight schedules within South America, especially the domestic routes operated by LAN Airlines or its affiliates in Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Chile. The expansion of the fleet will allow LAN and its affiliates to offer its passengers better connectivity within the region while providing world-class and on-time service.

The new Airbus 320-200 features the highest standards of innovation and technology including efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and an important reduction in CO2 emissions and acoustic pollution.  LAN is committed to supporting innovation and technologies to help environmental conservation.

The arrival of aircraft 100 comes at a time of growth and development for the company which is positioning itself as one of the world's leading airlines.

The Airbus 320-200 aircraft is 37.6 meters long and has capacity for 168 passengers.

"We are proud to have a fleet of some of the most modern and safest aircraft in the world and to be able to celebrate today the arrival of the 100th aircraft, which also marks the anniversary of 10 years and a million hours flown with Airbus”, said Enrique Cueto, CEO of LAN Airlines.  “LAN Airlines and its affiliates’ large fleet of aircraft is the result of hard work involving over 18,000 employees that currently work for these companies who day-by-day, use their best efforts to earn the loyalty and preference of passengers and cargo clients.  Last year, more than 15 million people flew on LAN Airlines and its affiliates, and now, with the expansion of the fleet, this figure will increase dramatically”, added Cueto.

During LAN's 81 year history, the Company has focused on the maintenance and expansion of their fleet and currently operates one of the most modern fleets in the world, with an average aircraft age of 6 years.