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What is LANPASS?

LANPASS is LAN's Frequent Flyer Program, created to reward customer loyalty. There are currently over three millions members in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and the United States who enjoy LANPASS benefits. Every year, over 250,000 LANPASS members fly for free.



How to earn LANPASS kilometers

LANPASS members earn kilometers every time they fly with LAN, a oneworld alliance member, or a LANPASS-affiliated airline.

Additionally, members can earn kilometers by using the services of any LANPASS-associated business around the world.

There are many ways to earn kilometers that can be redeemed for free trips much faster than you may think:

Learn all the ways to earn LANPASS kilometers in the Earning kilometers menu.


How can I redeem kilometers?

The LANPASS Flexible Redemption system has more seats available for you to redeem your kilometers and choose when to travel. It has three rate types in Economy Class so that you can choose the combination that is most convenient for your round trip.

  • Classic: Requires the same number of kilometers to redeem tickets to fly for free with LAN and the same availability as before.
  • Plus: For a greater number of kilometers, you have access to more availability than at the Classic level.
  • Full: For more kilometers, you have access to all the seats available for redemption.

You can also redeem your kilometers for Premium Business Class for a fixed amount of kilometers or redeem them for an Upgrade to a superior class for your one-way or round trip.

Find out more on the reward redemption page .

Elite member categories

As a way to reward our Frequent Flyers, LANPASS has created three Elite member categories (recognized around the world).


Premium, Premium Silver and Comodoro (Commodore) members

The more you fly, the more benefits you'll receive. Elite members receive Upgrade Coupons, bonus kilometers and a host of other benefits to improve the travel experience.
Learn more about out Elite member categories in the Member categories menu

Sign up for LANPASS

Sign up for LANPASS now and start earning kilometers by flying and through LANPASS-associated businesses.
You'll fly for free sooner than you think.

Registration offer: If you've already flown with LAN you'll be able to register the kilometers from all of your flights during the past 60 days.