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About LAN

LAN Airlines has more than 82 years of experience serving passengers and cargo clients. 45,000 people choose the company’s services every day, which means passengers can depend on our consistency and ability to stand out from the rest, providing the best possible travel experience.

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    We transport 22.5 million passengers per year

    In 2011 we achieved an 15.9% growth in passenger traffic (measured in passenger-kilometer)

    More than 6,5 million LANPASS members

    In 2010 we achieved an 23.5% growth in passenger traffic (measured in passenger-kilometer

    779.5 thousand tons of cargo transported annually)

    Connecting to a network of over 750 destinations worldwide (76 of them are operated by LAN and its affiliate companies)

    Our fleet is made up of 136 passenger planes and 14 cargo planes

    ALWAYS committed team (Earthquake in Chile, Puyehue Volcano, rainfall in Cusco, etc.)

    728 workers in Chile and 444 in affiliate companies, were trained in APF (Assistance to Passengers and Families, in case of emergencies

    We encourage professional growth and development of individuals:  500 thousand hours of training in 2010.  (83% of the staff was trained). 

    With great opportunities: 3,956 internal mobility

    We have a team made up of over 22,400 workers of 61 different nationalities